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Fletcher Runyan Creator,

Co Producer and Co-Owner of Circus United

Fletcher always dreamed of having his own show and ventured into business with Shane Johnson to start Circus United. Fletcher’s entertainment career began with Fern Street Circus in San Diego, CA as a young performer where he mastered the Low Wire and The Chinese Pole. Fletcher quickly advanced his career and began traveling domestically and internationally with his low wire act. In 2013 Circus United was born and has become a top entertainment production company producing circus shows around The Country and Internationally. Fletcher became a Shriner and is heavily involved with The Organization in their fund raising efforts which augments the local Shrine Temples and allows them to support The Shrine Hospitals. Fletcher is very well respected in The Entertainment business and continues to grow Circus United by doing business with integrity and remaining humble.

“Executing business with Integrity”

Shane Johnson,

Co Producer and Co-Owner of Circus United

Shane brings a wealth of knowledge and experience going all the way back to 18 years of age where Shane worked closely with his mentor, his very own father who was a life long circus producer. Throughout his entertainment career, Shane has exhibited elephants and tigers on the show side and mastered the concession and operational side of the business. Shane has an eye for detail and is instrumental in show layout. He has never met someone that he didn’t consider a friend and brings a unique sense of humor to The Production Team. Shane has a fantastic work ethic and works tirelessly to give circus patrons the best entertainment for their hard earned dollar.

Kimball Keller – Vice President

Animal Welfare and Media Relations

Throughout his career in the entertainment industry, his leadership and relationship building have led to his recruitment as operations and production manager, director of operations and Vice President in an array of entertainment venues and ultimately into senior management of large-scale extravaganzas. Comfortable on stage and behind the scenes Kimball is a dynamic leader who leverages the fun side of business and capitalizes on people’s strengths to raise groups to new heights. Kimball has worked his entire career to make sure that animals in entertainment are afforded the best care and conditions. He works tirelessly to ensure that those that exhibit animals are held to the highest standards. He presents facts and research to counter the negative propaganda from the animal rights groups and has been instrumental in working with The CFA and other pro circus groups to ensure that these standards are in place. He along with Producer Fletcher Runyan have developed “The Animal Public Awareness Program” which allows us to demonstrate to the public the care and love our “Animal Ambassadors” receive.

“Successful entertainment management requires someone with the ability to see the big picture and manage all of the moving parts. My strength as an Executive includes creating a safe and well-prepared operation and team by knowing when to step in and when to step back”