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Our Family at Circus United includes our precious animal stars, these animal entertainers bring laughter and joy to so many people around The Country by acting as ambassadors for their species. Many people have never left their home town and many won’t. By bringing our animal ambassadors to their communities we give them a chance to see these creatures up close and personal. The propaganda that is put out by the animal extremist groups fail to educate the public with facts and truth, they try to persuade families with young impressionable kids by showing them brutal graphic posters of animals in horrible conditions. We would never allow that or support any animal owner that practiced that approach. We are creating a coalition to certify the correct methods in animal care and best practices. The animals that are part of our family are well cared for and loved, for more information we invite you to read through the care information provided below. I for one am the luckiest guy in the world to be able to work with all of our animals and show the public just how beautiful they are.